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The chimney is an essential element in the house as it maintains the beauty of the house by providing passage to smoke. The chimney requires service because of many reasons to maintain its structural integrity

Chimney Work

Old Irish paving and masonry are designing the outer space of your house by providing several services, such as restoring the driveways, different chimney work, repairing patios, renovating stoops and steps, and many more. We have experienced workers in various sectors to serve the people of New Jersey, USA. The professionals of each sector are equipped with advanced and upgraded knowledge of their relevant work.

Our employees continuously improve their knowledge and enhance their skills in completing the projects. In this way, they become up to date with the innovations in technology and apply them in their treatment. The delivery of quality service is increasing our customers day by day.


The chimney is an essential element in the house as it maintains the beauty of the house by providing passage to smoke. The chimney requires service because of many reasons to maintain its structural integrity. Our crew gives diverse ranges of services in chimney work, for example:

  • Chimney sweeping and cleaning
  • Inspection of chimney
  • Repair chimney and crown as well
  • Repair firebox
  • Flashing
  • Tuck pointing
  • Labor on chimney leaks, cap, and lining
  • Service on smoke chamber and fireplace

We start our work by looking at eight exterior factors of your chimney. We then make a report which includes the list of damages, treatment method, selected chemicals, and budget estimation. All this work is without charges, and it involves consultation services as well for the guidance of clients.

Chimney Deterioration

Different factors call for the chimney repair work in which aging is one of them. The chimney starts to deteriorate when it doesn’t undergo periodic repairing and maintenance. There are different signs of chimney damage, such as cracks in the bricks and joints of the mortar, gaps between the joints, and debris around the chimney, water leakage, and discoloration of the surface. It is better to call us to check your chimney situation and get the right opinion and advice. It is not easy for the house tenants to look and check the top of the house and understand the issues.

Chimney Reconstruction

We also reconstruct the chimney in case of heavy damage. The restoration of the chimney is done to avoid any extra damage as it is one of the most sensitive parts of the house. Our technicians, after multi-point inspection, make a decision for reconstruction. Our trained chimney repair crew finds out the actual problem and then designs a course of action that is suitable and pocket friendly. We have a staff of professional craftsmanship that does care for the customer’s property.

Chimney Flashing

The chimney flashing is a process that gives a protective layer to the roof of the client’s house. It protects your roof from natural elements like snow, wind, rain, and sleet. If a gap forms between the chimney and roof will give passage to different elements to move inside.

We repair or replace the removed flashing to avoid a chimney leak. The improper sealing during chimney construction also gives rise to the flashing issue. The old mortar is removed from the chimney, and the edges are sealed with special masonry caulking. The gaps are sealed between the cap and step with different sealants such as silicone or urethane cement.

Chimney Leak

The chimney leak occurs when holes between the mortar and bricks are formed and water goes inside it. When this water freezes in extreme weather it expands. Due to this expansion, cracks are formed and sometimes it damages the brick and removed it which is called spalling. Similarly, hot weather brings deformities in the structure of the chimney which gives a way for water to move inside. The formation of small gaps in the chimney crowns also becomes the cause of leakage. The movement of water inside gives rise to other problems such as staining and damping of the roof.

Chimney Leakage Repair

The leakage in the chimney is repaired in several ways. Following are some of them:

Place a cap

The cap is placed on the chimney after taking the measurement at the top of the chimney. For this purpose, we recommend stainless steel caps with a bonnet larger than the fireplace opening.

The repair of the chimney crown

The chimney crown is repaired if any cracks are present on it, and rebuilt in extreme deterioration with a mixture of rebar and quality cement. The repair and rebuilding are dependent upon the type of damage. The sealants are also used in the repairing process, such as silicone-based products.

Brick and mortar repair

This is a lengthy process, in which old dented mortar and damaged bricks are removed. The new mortar is placed with the replacement of the new brick. This process requires tuck pointing, removing soft mortar from joints, and removing spalling bricks and cracks.


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Client Testimonials

“We used them after we first hired another local company to redo our backyard with pavers. The first company ruined our backyard and caused more damage to it. old Irish came in, saw what damage the previous company caused, and fixed and finished the job perfectly. They answered every question and concern we had, very professional, finished everything in a timely fashion. Their work is outstanding and we are so happy with the end result. We will be using them again in the future for our front yard! Thank you so much for everything. First two Photos below shows the water damage to the backyard from the first company used. Next 3 photos show the pavers done. Last photos shows the whole finished product!”

Maria Cupo

I am extremely pleased with the professional work Old Irish did for my house……everything was done professionally as well as the cleanup. The owner Tom and his son were/are very knowledgeable, professional, honest and easy/enjoyable to do business…….I would most definitely use them again and I highly recommend them to my neighbors, family and friends.

Tom Middleton

Excellent quality and competitive pricing. Fast and reliable friendly service. Worth contacting for sure!


Great experience – started the job on time, and stayed on-site until the work was complete. Pleasure to deal with. Good people. Highly recommend!


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