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Old Irish Paving and Masonry LLC (OIPM) is a construction company that has been offering asphalt paving services for more than three decades. The business is owned and operated by a family. OIPM is an industry leader in the residential and commercial pavement, which includes a wide variety of applications such as parking lots, roads, sidewalks, patios, walkways, and pool decks. They have made it a priority to provide consistently high-quality work and ensure complete satisfaction for their clients.

Paving with asphalt is a multi-step procedure that can be broken down into its component parts. Before beginning to pave, the site must first be prepped. This entails tearing up the current pavement and disposing of it, measuring the depth of the subgrade, and laying down a layer of material that has been compacted to form a sturdy foundation for the new pavement. The next step in the process is for OIPM to cover the surface with a hot mix asphalt, which is typically made up of stone aggregate and bitumen. This is accomplished by utilizing a paving machine, which is responsible for evenly distributing the mixture across the entire surface in order to create a layer of consistent thickness. After this step has been finished, the new pavement can have rollers used to compact it in order to create an equal surface and assure its longevity.

In order to cater to the diverse requirements of its clientele, OIPM provides a comprehensive range of asphalt paving services. Both the conventional method of using hot mix asphalt and the more modern method of using cold mix asphalt are included here. Because it has a longer lifespan than cold mix, the hot mix is more frequently employed for large-scale commercial construction projects. The use of cold mix is recommended for less extensive residential projects that call for a more cost-effective and quicker curing alternative. OIPM is able to provide services such as line striping and seal coating, which are used to construct parking lots and other defined areas, respectively. Sealcoating helps to protect asphalt, which in turn helps it to last longer.

The dedication of OIPM to both providing high-quality work and exceeding the expectations of their clients is what sets them apart from other construction businesses. Each and every one of their projects is finished in a prompt way and displays the finest example of craftsmanship possible. To guarantee that every project is finished to the satisfaction of the client, the skilled specialists on their team always make sure to employ the most advanced tools and supplies available for the task at hand.

When consumers choose OIPM for asphalt paving services, they can rest assured that the work will be of high quality and that it will last for a long time. The professional and experienced staff of the organization will collaborate closely with them to guarantee that all of their requirements are satisfied as quickly as possible. OIPM is an excellent option for anyone searching for asphalt paving services due to the fact that they offer costs that are competitive and are committed to providing excellent customer service. OIPM is the appropriate partner for any asphalt paving project due to their years of experience as well as their commitment to providing great service.

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