Concrete paving

We deal with all twenty-four types of concrete in the concrete paving process. Our workers are aware enough with their knowledge and experience in handling different types of concrete.

Concrete paving

Old Irish paving and masonry are standard service providers in New Jersey, USA. We provide services from the maintenance of the property to the overall construction of it. You can contact us for any type of service concrete paving, asphalt paving, and masonry work.

We have knowledge and years of experience in dealing with every type of concrete and its use for different purposes. Our ancestors were also involved in operating this paving and masonry industry.

The proper concrete paving done by our skilled worker will uplift the look of your property either home or office. Getting work done with experienced workers will give you a stunning landscape. We remove cracks from driveways, sidewalks, parking lots and patios, and other areas and make them durable or appealing.

You will always find us a team of workers that are trained and professionals in concrete paving that always produce remarkable results. Our concrete paving services are for both residential and commercial establishments. We provide flawless paving service with the state of the art tool and skills.

Types of concrete

We deal with all twenty-four types of concrete in the concrete paving process. Our workers are aware enough with their knowledge and experience in handling different types of concrete.

Types of paving

There are different types of paving and we deal with all of them.

  • Jointed concrete 
  • Concrete overlays
  • Pre-cast concrete pavement
  • Roller compact concrete pavement
  • Reinforced concrete pavement
  • Concrete block paving

We prefer concrete block paving as an outstanding option for making them durable and long-lasting driveways and sidewalks. The reason for choosing the concrete block pavers is because of their easy maintenance and classy looks. Our name in the concrete paving services is reliable for making an extremely outclass pavements for our clients.pixel 6 phone casebrowse this site

How do we go ahead with concrete paving?

We start our process with a survey of the client’s place. In this survey, we decide the nature of the method and chemicals. We take an in-depth survey and estimate the required expenditure. We also provide counseling to our clients with honest opinions and advice.

We decide the time frame before starting the work as it depends upon the type of concrete material. There are different ways and times in dealing with a different type of concrete material. Our main aim is to lay a strong foundation of work and turn the vision of clients into reality.

Clean the place

We first clean the area by removing the pre-existing materials and structures in that place. We demolished the place with rollers and jackhammers.

Making of Foundation

The foundation of the surface is made by placing the layers of different materials. The layers are made of bitumen and cement mixture with the proper recipe. This is one of the important steps as the output of our whole work depends on it. The foundation is prepared with great care by keeping in mind the drainage and support elements.


For paving, place forms at the edges of the driveways to make the drainage proper and then grid bar for providing tensile strength to the pavers. The calculation is done that how much concrete is required for completing the driveways.


The concrete is poured and leveled at the same time by our workers and it is also called screeding.

Final touch

The final touch is given for finishing purposes in which different techniques are used. Concrete is set very quickly and then its surface is made smooth by the use of a trowel.

Adding of curing agent

This is added to reduce the loss of water from the surface for up to 30 days. It gives a strong, leveled, and attractive look to the concrete. Concrete takes the time of 7 to 10 days for curing which pets and people are not allowed to walk on. The walking of anyone on it will leave a permanent mark on the surface.



Our company has equipped with generation after generation outstanding practical experience and techniques. We provide a wide range of services for our clients to transform their vision into reality.

For delivery of high-quality aesthetic results, the selection of our services is your right choice. We shall provide you an in-expensive work with our team who are qualified in handling all types of situations. We can deal with every type of tool and pavement. Choosing us will give you an outstanding result in your given budget.

Our service will restore the look of your property and uplift your standard. We give priority to the structural performance for the durability of your property which is important. We did not compromise the quality service of our workmanship and left a lasting impression on the customers.



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Client Testimonials

“We used them after we first hired another local company to redo our backyard with pavers. The first company ruined our backyard and caused more damage to it. old Irish came in, saw what damage the previous company caused, and fixed and finished the job perfectly. They answered every question and concern we had, very professional, finished everything in a timely fashion. Their work is outstanding and we are so happy with the end result. We will be using them again in the future for our front yard! Thank you so much for everything. First two Photos below shows the water damage to the backyard from the first company used. Next 3 photos show the pavers done. Last photos shows the whole finished product!”

Maria Cupo

I am extremely pleased with the professional work Old Irish did for my house……everything was done professionally as well as the cleanup. The owner Tom and his son were/are very knowledgeable, professional, honest and easy/enjoyable to do business…….I would most definitely use them again and I highly recommend them to my neighbors, family and friends.

Tom Middleton

Excellent quality and competitive pricing. Fast and reliable friendly service. Worth contacting for sure!


Great experience – started the job on time, and stayed on-site until the work was complete. Pleasure to deal with. Good people. Highly recommend!


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