Asphalt Paving Is Complex And Dangerous. The Ground Is A Very Sophisticated Material That Shrinks And Expands At Various Temperatures.

Asphalt paving

Asphalt pavement is widely used because of its strength and durability for roads, parking lots, and industrial and walking areas. Asphalt pavement is long-lasting, that is why they are preferable to install in most places. Old Irish paving and masonry is operating in New Jersey, the USA is the customer’s first choice in all types of paving projects.

This local paving company has years of experience and knowledge in providing solutions to various paving problems. Our team is specialized in all types of asphalt services and other services at the site. We have developed a renowned status in honesty, professionalism, and teamwork. You will find our team passionate, competent, craftsmanship, and case charmsee this page


Asphalt is the mixture of stone, rock, sand, and additives made with a standard recipe in which liquid asphalt is added which serves as a glue to hold the pavement together in position. We deal with all types of asphalt depending on the need. The process of asphalt paving varies with the types of asphalt used and the condition of that particular area.

Types of asphalt

Three main types of asphalt are favorable different climatic conditions.

  • Hot asphalt

The hot asphalt should be used at high temperatures. This is difficult to use when it cools down.

  • MC Cold Mix

It is used as a source of a temporary solution. It is suitable to use in cold temperatures.

  • UPM

This asphalt is suitable for every weather condition as the permanent fixer of any problem. It works for both wet and dry holes, thus repairing any condition

Why asphalt pavement only?

Asphalt pavement is widely used because of its numerous benefits compared to other types of material. Below are mentioned some of the qualities of asphalt pavement:


The asphalt pavements are designed ideally for every type of traffic, low, high, or medium and it last for 15-20 years.


The use of asphalt in the paving process is financially favorable due to many reasons. The asphalt is recyclable and thus can be used again. The other reason that makes it preferable is, long-lasting and requires less repair and maintenance.

Diverse use

Asphalt has diversely been used in construction projects, such as in roads, parking areas, walking trails, bicycle passages, slopes, bridges, and roofing materials.

Step by step paving process

Our company follows the step-by-step paving process starting from the pre-preparation of the area to the formation of a smooth surface. Following are stages through which we pass on to give our clients a masterpiece.

Ready the area

The area where we start our project is first cleaned in all dimensions. We remove the previous surface either old asphalt or concrete with the help of machines. After the demolition all debris is removed to make the area clean. The recycling of old asphalt is on the customer demand who if wants to complete their project on a limited budget.

Prepare the surface for Water drainage

In this stage, grading and sloping are done with the help of laser-guided transits and motor graders. This step is done to make sure that water will runoff properly. The proper drainage system is necessary as water is the cause of asphalt deterioration in the form of cracks, dumps, and chockfull.

Prepare the foundation

This is the backbone step because the durability and strength of asphalt pavement are dependent on it. The base is prepared with great care by following the proper recipe and ratio. The base protects the final surface from extreme weather conditions such as freezing and thawing and also provides support and strength to the new pavement. In the making of a base for laying the foundation, the thickness, stability, and compaction are important key factors to consider.

Work proofing

We do proof our work to check the quality of our service. For this purpose, we employ different techniques and equipment for evaluation. A heavy truck is moved on the entire surface and if gravel press under the weight of the truck then it means the base is improper. Repair is done again on the soft area of the base to make it more supportive.

Addition of binder

The binder is added which is the mixture of aggregated oil that holds the pavement in its original position. The binding layer is the source of strength for the new asphalt surface.

Final touch

In the final touch, butt joints and transition points are checked to confirm that the old asphalt concrete meets the new one. This is necessary to make sure that the transitional area removes excess water properly.

So, we are here in your area with a team of innovative and progressive skills. Our employees work in every phase and tackle every problem. The Hard Work of our workers has made a leading name for our company in the construction world.









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Client Testimonials

“We used them after we first hired another local company to redo our backyard with pavers. The first company ruined our backyard and caused more damage to it. old Irish came in, saw what damage the previous company caused, and fixed and finished the job perfectly. They answered every question and concern we had, very professional, finished everything in a timely fashion. Their work is outstanding and we are so happy with the end result. We will be using them again in the future for our front yard! Thank you so much for everything. First two Photos below shows the water damage to the backyard from the first company used. Next 3 photos show the pavers done. Last photos shows the whole finished product!”

Maria Cupo

I am extremely pleased with the professional work Old Irish did for my house……everything was done professionally as well as the cleanup. The owner Tom and his son were/are very knowledgeable, professional, honest and easy/enjoyable to do business…….I would most definitely use them again and I highly recommend them to my neighbors, family and friends.

Tom Middleton

Excellent quality and competitive pricing. Fast and reliable friendly service. Worth contacting for sure!


Great experience – started the job on time, and stayed on-site until the work was complete. Pleasure to deal with. Good people. Highly recommend!


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