Blacktop driveways

The repair and construction of driveways vary depending upon their purpose, types, and location. Our workers and their diverse skills and expertise deal with different blacktop driveways.

Blacktop Driveways

Old Irish paving and masonry are making and repairing many infrastructures in New Jersey, USA. We are the source of several services such as patio repair, paving process, driveways repair, etc. We meet the demand of clients by providing them exact results. Our workers are trained enough to give solutions to all types of customers issues. We are the leading brand in the construction world.

The repair and construction of driveways vary depending upon their purpose, types, and location. Our workers and their diverse skills and expertise deal with different blacktop driveways. We create a stunning piece of landscape through our hard work. As a service provider, we believe in quality and transparency in work.

Types of blacktop driveways

There are the following types of blacktop driveways based on different materials used in their making:

  • Porous asphalt
  • Warm mix asphalt
  • Thin overlays
  • Perpetual pavements
  • Quiet pavement

Difference between blacktop driveways and asphalt driveways

Asphalt driveways are usually prepared for highways and streets of heavy traffic. Blacktop driveways are private roads and residential roads. The recipe for both blacktop and asphalt is similar but blacktop has a high amount of stone. The blacktop is subjected to high temperatures during its manufacturing process.

Repair and installation of blacktop driveways

The craftsmen of our company follow the series of steps to repair or construct the blacktop driveways. The adoption of the process depends upon the type of treatment required by the customers. In the case of blacktop construction, we follow these steps.

The installation process for blacktop driveways:

The installation starts with the making of recipes of different materials in the correct ratio. The large and small pieces of granite that are properly crushed are mixed together in the correct amount. They give a rough look to the surface and such driveways are ideal for extremely cold or freezing conditions. The stones in the mixture give a good grip and the rough edges of the gravel are pressed down with time. Sand and asphalt are eroded with time and give rise to the rough blacktop driveways creation.

If you want smooth blacktop driveways that remain for a long time then the process will be different. These types of driveways are ideal for the mild climate. They are made by the manufacturing of separate two layers that lie together and remain stable for a long time. In this smooth blacktop driveway, the lower layer is 8 inches made of ground and compact gravel. On the top of this gravel base, the blacktop layer of 2 inches is placed, which is made of small stone not larger than 3 to 8 inches.

These small stones are placed up to 1 inch on the surface of a 2-inch blacktop. The small stones will combine with the blacktop medium and sand and form a smooth surface upon the rolling.


The repairing of blacktop driveways involves the following stages which lead to the development of crack and holes free driveways.jomashop fake watchlook at here nowdiscover more here

Clean the area

The area of blacktop driveways is made clean from all types of outgrowth such as weeds etc. The outgrowths are removed by a mechanical way like pulling or by the use of high-pressure water. The strong pressure of water cleans the cracks thoroughly and later on, allows them to dry.

Use of pesticides

The cracks on the driveways give advantages to the weeds to grow in the space, and sometimes it becomes difficult to remove them. If any physical means do not work then the use of weed-killing chemicals is the next option.

Filling of small Crack

If the cracks are small, then they are filled with sealants available in tubes. The cracks less than ½ inches are filled with crack filler by pressing and squeezing the tube to the point when the filling is complete. Then trowel is used to spread the layer of crack filler even to make a smooth surface.

Repairing of Large cracks

The large cracks are filled with sand up to ¼ inches of a layer with some steel tamper or small shovel. The sand is filled until it covers the cracks about ¼ inch above the surface.

Use of sealants

The sealants are patching compounds used on the cracks by direct pouring or taking with a trowel. They are added until the cracks have been filled completely and then evenly spread to form a smooth layer. The finishing is done with a trowel or shovel to make the layer lumps free and smooth.

Left the Driveway for Repair

After treatment, the driveways are left for repair and dry. The time taken by driveways for repair and dry depends upon the type of treatment. The driveways with large cracks need more time to cure than small ones by remain away from the traffic.


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“We used them after we first hired another local company to redo our backyard with pavers. The first company ruined our backyard and caused more damage to it. old Irish came in, saw what damage the previous company caused, and fixed and finished the job perfectly. They answered every question and concern we had, very professional, finished everything in a timely fashion. Their work is outstanding and we are so happy with the end result. We will be using them again in the future for our front yard! Thank you so much for everything. First two Photos below shows the water damage to the backyard from the first company used. Next 3 photos show the pavers done. Last photos shows the whole finished product!”

Maria Cupo

I am extremely pleased with the professional work Old Irish did for my house……everything was done professionally as well as the cleanup. The owner Tom and his son were/are very knowledgeable, professional, honest and easy/enjoyable to do business…….I would most definitely use them again and I highly recommend them to my neighbors, family and friends.

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Excellent quality and competitive pricing. Fast and reliable friendly service. Worth contacting for sure!


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