Commercial Pavers

Our team has knowledge and experience that provide solutions to overcome any paving related commercial problems.

Commercial pavers

Old Irish paving and masonry are working in New Jersey, the USA having many years of experience in the construction industry. We are growing into an excellent construction company that meets the needs of its customers. We deal in every kind of construction situation either residential or commercial. We are operating in New Jersey, the USA with a team of professionals.

Challenges in commercial paving

The paving is not an easy task as the ground changes its physical structure with the changes in temperature and other external factors. There are lots of challenges in commercial paving because of many reasons. They are complex because of lots of unexpected curves, brakes, and slopes. Our team has knowledge and experience that provide solutions to overcome any problems.

Parking areas had only simple or multiple passages lined with asphalt pavers.  Nowadays parking lots include rows, islands, and landscapes. So, it is not easy now to undergo paving process in such areas. Similarly, the time duration is another important challenge in commercial paving. We have to complete the task within the limited time frame to normalize the traffic of people in that particular commercial area.

How to initiate the work?

Our Asphalt paving contractors are laden with enough knowledge and expertise. They started their work with detailed homework and planning. Our work comprises many stages and we use advanced tools to make the process flawless.40 off promo codefind out here now

Call for meeting

First, we arrange a meeting with the clients to discuss the situations in detail. In this meeting, we discuss the condition and make a decision that which type of method and chemicals are suitable for paving process. In this step, we counsel our customers and give them opinions on effective paving. We ponder over different key factors in this step such as:

  • We check the location thoroughly by keeping every minor point in mind.
  • Analyze the traffic condition on that particular area is very important step.
  • The climatic condition is another important factor. We plan our work according to the climatic condition. We also consider the and nearby residential needs
  • The overall cost that is required in the maintenance process
  • We Locate Drainage and sewers while designing layout.

Rematerialize the surface

If the area where paving is required is located in an old pre-existing place, then resurfacing is required. The resurfacing is done with great care to prevent any extra damage. If the customers do maintenance off and on, then such type of resurfacing is not required. The average life of pavers can be prolonged by the repairing and maintenance process of infrastructure.

In this step, the commercial area is first cleaned from every type of vegetation then we proceed forward. The road is first shaped, graded then aggregated to get the desired result.


After a thorough physical check, if there are any cracks or imperfections in the construction then fill the cracks at once. Remove all the old cracks to prevent their propagation into the new surface over time.

Extra Maintenance or Care

While doing our work, we pay attention to other maintenance issues, such as:

  • Pay attention to the drainage system while doing commercial paving
  • Maintain the landscape in its original form while designing the layout for the installation of pavers
  • Place some hurdles such as blocks to protect the edges. In this way, any vehicle does not get damaged by it.
  • Draw parking lines and mark the driving lanes to make them prominent.

Paving process

Our paving process is completed in three phases in which layers are laid one by one. The time taken for the paving process depends upon the traffic condition and climatic condition of that specific area.

The process is started by forming different layers one after the other. The mixture of gravel and sand is made and then layered first on the surface to eliminate the factor of freezing and temperature. This process is also known as the placing of a forest blanket.

Addition of binder

For binding, a mixture of bitumen, cement, or lime is used by placing them on the pre-existing gravel layer. In the end, the outer surface is prepared with the help of good material. It plays many roles, such as providing friction, controlling noise, and maintaining the smoothness of the drainage system.

Old Irish paving and masonry is the hub of professionals that have command in providing solutions to all types of commercial problems. Our outstanding services from decades will showcase in our piece of work. We are making our customers day by day through our marvelous quality service. We shall available at your single call with our team and tools.


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