Patio Repair & Installation

The patio is the outer area of the property, which is used for dining and recreational purposes such as walking, bbq, etc. The patio is paved with different materials such as concrete, stone slabs, brick, block, tiles, cobbles, and gravel

Patio repair and installation

Old Irish paving and masonry are serving New Jersey, USA for many years. We are the most demanding company in this area because of our outclass service. We believe in hard and honest work to attract our customers. Our work always left a lasting positive impression in the mind of clients. We are equipped with advanced and upgraded knowledge to serve our clients in the best way. We deal with different types of repair like chimney repair, pointing repair, driveway repair and installation etc.

The treatment depends upon the types of damage and material. We make decisions of selection of material and treatment in our survey of that particular place. This survey is free of cost and done for the situation analysis.  The quotations are made to make our clients aware of expenditure. We try our best to make the service package pocket friendly.


The patio is the outer area of the property, which is used for dining and recreational purposes such as walking, bbq, etc. The patio is paved with different materials such as concrete, stone slabs, brick, block, tiles, cobbles, and gravel.

Issues in patio

Different problems need the rise of patio repair. These issues arise due to extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain; wind and snow damage the structures on the patio. The patio repair is required when cracks are formed on paving materials such as wood, slabs, etc. The wood used in the patio structure becomes loose or rots after some time. The improper Drainage or soil erosion problems demand repair in the patio. When the infrastructure overall becomes aged and weak and gives rise to different other issues such as losing of handrails.

How do we proceed with patio repair and installation?

Our company follows a series of steps in patio repair. The repairing method depends upon the type of damage and material. Following are the ways by which repairing is done:

Repairing of worn-out slabs

If slabs are present on the patio and they got damaged then the old mortar is removed. Now, slabs are taken out, and the remaining mortar under the damaged slab is removed. The layer of mortar is placed in a mixture of cement and sand for installing the new slabs. It is necessary to level the layer of cement before placing the new slabs for a smooth outlook.

Repair brick patio

If a brick is fitted in the patio and gets damaged, then the following measures are taken. All the bricks are removed that are damaged or sinking. Old clay and soft soil is removed from the underside of these bricks. If holes are present in the lower side of the sand layer then it is filled with ground limestone. The surface is leveled with this limestone and then sand is added to it.  In the end, new bricks are placed with the binder. The binder fills the gap between the bricks and holds them tightly in place. The water or any material seeps inside if any gap or holes is left behind and cause deterioration.

Repairing of stone patio

The sinking and unstable ground affects the patio structure, especially in the case of a poor drainage system. For repairing the stone patio we remove the affected sinking stone. For the removal of stone, the ground is dug up to three inches. Now stones are added into the holes to level the surface. Fine gravel is also added in the holes up to one to two inches.  When the surface is leveled, then-new stones are added while maintaining the straightness of the surface. The areas between the stones are filled with a layer of sand to give a finished look.

Method of repairing cracks in slabs

The formation of cracks in slabs present in the patio affects the aesthetic look of your patio.  It can be fell down at any time and cause unexpected damage.  For repairing the cracks in slabs, the damaged area is removed. The mortar and latex are usually used as repair products. They are mixed with the standard ration and then evenly applied to the affected area to fill the cracks from all directions. The final touch is given at the end by making the layer of the mixture smooth. It is done to prevent the formation of lumps.

We have an outstanding record of service, which can be seen on our company website where reviews and testimonials are present. We believe in the delivery of quality service that focuses on the need of clients. The outstanding service of our company and innovative skills transformed the ideas in your minds into reality. We create a stunning masterpiece with our skilled and master workers. We’ll available on your doorstep on your single call to solve your issue.

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Client Testimonials

“We used them after we first hired another local company to redo our backyard with pavers. The first company ruined our backyard and caused more damage to it. old Irish came in, saw what damage the previous company caused, and fixed and finished the job perfectly. They answered every question and concern we had, very professional, finished everything in a timely fashion. Their work is outstanding and we are so happy with the end result. We will be using them again in the future for our front yard! Thank you so much for everything. First two Photos below shows the water damage to the backyard from the first company used. Next 3 photos show the pavers done. Last photos shows the whole finished product!”

Maria Cupo

I am extremely pleased with the professional work Old Irish did for my house……everything was done professionally as well as the cleanup. The owner Tom and his son were/are very knowledgeable, professional, honest and easy/enjoyable to do business…….I would most definitely use them again and I highly recommend them to my neighbors, family and friends.

Tom Middleton

Excellent quality and competitive pricing. Fast and reliable friendly service. Worth contacting for sure!


Great experience – started the job on time, and stayed on-site until the work was complete. Pleasure to deal with. Good people. Highly recommend!


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